• Launchme UI Kit – Website Framework


    Launchme UI Kit – Website Framework is an easy drag and drop framework to create any type of website within seconds. This pixel-perfect and very detailes framework is the perfect option for adobe photoshop rookies, as well as for pro webdesigners who want to save time. The full Launchme UI Kit contains 20 Header Blocks,...

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  • Streamer Flat UI Kit


    Streamer Flat UI Kit Streamer Flat UI Kit is the best solutions to build easy flat styled website designs. You might use 100 of different elements to create a fully working website. The Streamer UI Kit contains hunderds of useful webelements, buttons, icons, widgtes and much more. Streamer Flat UI Kit will guide you to...

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  • Premium Flatilicious User Interface Design


    I can´t wait to release this new and stunning flat user interface design called “Flatilicious UI Kit”. Obviously I just released it some weeks ago. Now I want to present all the features and userfriendly options of Flatilicious UI Kit – Pro. Flatilicious Web User Interface is an easy wireframing webelement...

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  • 16 Free WordPress Themes 2013


    There are over millions of wordpress webmaster on the internet. If you are a blogger, developer, coder, webdesigner, photographer, freelancer or anything else, you should user wordpress as content management system for your website. WordPress and its thousands of options and plugins is the best solution for your webbusiness....

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  • 10 Free PSD Mockups to present your work


    Every webdesigner should use easy mockups for his presentations. Not only a webdesigner is laid to present his or her products. Every seller should present their product with design. Nicer presentations by mockups wake up a lot of interest in visitors and buyers. It is one of the most important things of every marketing....

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  • KL-Webmedia is back with love!


    Welcome back to KL-Webmedia.com. After this short off period I decided to bring the website back with a completly new stucture and some new ideas. I am actually quite happy now with the new concept and the strategies I made for KL-Webmedia. I also redesigned the website, as it was very boring to me. This

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